The HOBBIT and the EPIC.

December 11, 2013

For the release of The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug , I decided to make a small news to remind you that the two adaptations of The Hobbit, Peter Jackson filmed (in 3D) with Red Epic.
Peter Jackson has chosen the Epic for good reasons which pleased Jim Jannard, founder of RED ? s Industry . First of all, the Epic allows to shoot in 5k at 120 i/s with an HDRx mode that offers one of the best dynamic range ( 13.5 to 18 stops ) among all digital cameras.The Epic is also an handy camera for 3D thanks to its small size and its " lightweight " ( 2.5 kg + corp Sidehandle ) .
The Hobbit was the one of the first Block buster production to use the Epic. By the way, Peter Jackson didn't used one, or two , or three Epic, but thirty ! And for shooting in 3D, his team installed two cameras on each platform 3D (3D rig ) which means there were 15 platforms simultaneously filming in 3D and 5K .
Peter Jackson has a long history with Red , in 2008 he had already shot a short test for Red , " Crossing the lines " with a Red One prototype.
"I'm not a scientist or mathematician , but the images produced by the Red cameras have a much more cinematic sense than other digital camera. I find the picture quality interesting and attractive, and with the Epic, Jim and his team have gone even further. It is a fantastic tool at the art technology, resolution and video quality are amazing but it is also very practical thanks to its multiple configurations and wireless control . "

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