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Camera packages CANON EOS C200 / Pack ENG
445€ /day

Rent CANON EOS C200 / Pack ENG in Paris

Ready to shoot pack with CANON C200 Camera, CANON CN 17-120mm motorized Zoom and NTG-1 Rode mic

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"Ready to shoot"  with CANON C200 camera (EF Mount)

In this pack you'll find : 

1 Zoom CANON CN 17-120mm
1 NTG-1 Rode mic
1 XLR cable
1 SideHandle
1 touchscreen monitor + Handle
1 USB 3.0 CFAST reader + 2 256 go CFAST cards
1 Charger + 2  BP-A60 batteries and 1 BP-A30 battery
1 charger + 2 V-Lock batteries