Rent Sony Venice CineAlta in Paris

Sensor : 24x36 Full Frame Resolution : 6K Dual base iso : 500 / 2500 Lens mount : PL (compatible S35/FF - spherical/anamorphic) ND Filters : 0.3 to 2.4 include Recording formats : X-AVC / Apple ProRes / RAW / X-OCN (16Bits)
700€ /day
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Included in the rental:


 Sony CineAlta Venice

 Anamorphic + HFR + OpenGate License

 AXS-R7 Recorder

 2x 120GB SxS Cards

 4x 512GB AXSM Cards

 2x XQD Cards/Readers

 SxS Reader + USB3

 AXSM Reader + USB3 + Power Supply + Card Adapter

 DVF-EL200 Viewfinder + Bracket + Cable

 Wooden Camera D-Box + 2 Cables

 PL Mount

 A-Box XLR Module

 2x 19mm Rods

 Dovetail + BP-8 + BP-5

 ARRI Venice Bottom Plate

 Shape Top Plate

 Sony Top Handle

 Additional 15mm Adapter + 2x 15mm Rods

 Wooden Top Handle + 15mm Accessories + 19mm Accessories

 XLR4 Power Supply

Pelicase 1610



The Sony Venice CineAlta camera is an advanced cinematic platform characterized by exceptional technical specifications. Featuring a Full-Frame 6K sensor, this camera provides extremely high resolution, allowing for exceptionally sharp and clear image acquisition. The impressive dynamic range of over 15 stops, combined with the sensor, offers detailed reproduction of highlights and shadows, with high latitude for post-production correction.


The Venice supports multiple codecs, including Sony's developed X-OCN format, providing remarkable image quality with lossless recording. The ProRes RAW recording capability offers additional flexibility in post-production workflows. The camera also offers various resolution options, from 6K to 4K, allowing filmmakers to choose the optimal resolution based on their project needs.


Equipped with an interchangeable lens mount, the Venice provides extensive compatibility with a variety of high-end cinematic lenses. Its ergonomic design facilitates on-field use, and it incorporates a variable electronic neutral density filter, providing precise exposure control without the need for physical filter changes.


The camera features a dual ISO system (base 500 and base 2500), allowing optimal performance in low-light conditions while maintaining exceptional image quality. It supports high frame rates, with options up to 120 frames per second in 4K or up to 60 frames per second in 6K, enabling impressive slow-motion shots.


With features such as extensive connectivity, intelligent cooling system, and robust design, the Sony Venice CineAlta represents a comprehensive and advanced solution for filmmakers seeking exceptional image quality and maximum technical flexibility.


Technical Specifications:

 Sensor: 36x24mm Full Frame

 Resolution: Up to 6K

 Recording Formats: ProRes, XAVC, RAW X-OCN

 Dynamic Range: 15 stops

 Frame Rate: 60 frames per second

 Mount: PL/E Mount

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